Pre-Season Games

Pre-Season Games

Wednesday 7th June 2017


Pre-season looks set up nicely with three games, two at home against Aberavon Wizards and Plymouth Albion and one away to Exeter Chiefs.

Admission prices to be confirmed.

 Date H/A Rd KO Team
 August 2017 - Pre Season
12  Saturday H PSF 16:30 Aberavon Wizards
19  Saturday A PSF TBC Exter Chiefs
26  Saturday H PSF 17:00 Plymouth Albion

Commenting on the mix of games, Coach Gavin Cattle said: “We are really pleased with the games lined up.”

“Previous matches against Welsh Premiership finalists Aberavon have been consistently good tests and this one will provide an ideal yardstick for us in terms of our first game.

“Against Exeter will give the boys a taste of what it is like to face and be tested against some of the best, and we end with a nice local derby with Plymouth with whom ┬áit will be good to strike up a relationship with again.”

As the fixture against Plymouth Albion will played the day before Penzance makes a fresh attempt at the Guinness World Record of the most Pirates gathered in one place, it is expected that a large number of spectators will be dusting off and trying out their costumes in preparation for next day.


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