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Mark Ireland's Blog 4th November 2009
Mark Ireland

A Very Disappointing Result
4th November 2009

A very disappointing result at Rotherham at the weekend and definitely an opportunity missed to move up a place with others either side of us in the league also losing.

Lapses in concentration at crucial times, and a lack of accuracy and aggression at the breakdown negated some of the good work built up in some of the phase play in the first half.

A few strong, yet very appropriate and uplifting words were given to the players from our captain 'Catts' on Monday morning. I thought it was inspiring to hear him talk about what he expects and wants from us as a team, and also what drives him. I think it certainly struck home to all the boys that we’re in this together; the wins and the losses and we must strive to improve week by week.

Off the pitch saw the squad travel to Camborne Fire Station on Tuesday to take part in some team building exercises, which included mind tasks and confined space team tasks. It was a great morning, and really good to get involved in something different like that. Of course it wasn’t without it’s fair share of comedy moments.

One particular task, which was based on transporting a fire hose to the top floor of a pitch-black building with confined spaces tested teamwork ethos.

My team, led by our captain Alan Paver, was soon in disarray. Paves is well known for being a bull in a china shop with certain things, and when we began to struggle with the hose all hell broke loose!

The matter was resolved through a firm bollocking from Wes, in his broad northern accent…''any danger of getting this bloody hose move''.

It had the team in hysterics! This gung-ho approach was however balanced out by Luke Collins pedestrian and over cautious approach to the blind folded task. I think a slap or two may have come his way had his teammates not been visually impaired at the time, with frustrations running high! It was a great day and our thanks to the whole Fire department for having us there.

This week is another tough game at home to Bedford, and the continuous stream of tough fixtures is what makes this league exciting and testing to play in. A big crowd would really help boost the lads and get us back on track.


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