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Dream Teams

Dicky Evans Dream Team



Dream Teams

Nick Jackson

Brad Barritt ... If he keeps it up I am sure he will get a call up to play for England,....,

Dave Berryman

Dave is a former policeman and Pirates player who has given the club many years.

Ryan Prosser

Tackling him felt like he was the biggest man I have ever had to stop it was scary .....,

Dicky Evans

Say no more - “Stack” is a Cornish legend who could probably have played in ten. .....,

Chris Morgan

He has certainly left me red-faced and clutching air but has given all of us some of the ..

Tom Luke

Up ended me more than a few times when I was the perpetual bag man at Bristol! ...,

Gavin Cattle

Villi would carry the ball in his sleep. Former 'Pirate' Tim is a man who... Heino's a ..,

Blair Cowan

Cory Jane - is now a household name after playing for the 'All Blacks'. I played with ...

Ben Gulliver

Graham Dawe - He really is one of the toughest blokes around and is also a freak of ..

Rhodri McAtee

Alan Paver – 'Paves' is 'Paves', and the world's lightest prop at a mere 87kgs ...

Rob Elloway

Tim Cowley – Bush head was not bad to be fair to him! A superb rugby warrior, Tim was

Aisea Havili

Salesi Finau - supporters missed out on seeing this huge figure, a great character and .

James Doherty

Darren Fox - This former Northampton man is anything but a 'Saint'. Marine-like in looks

Rob Cook,

Jason Luff - Small but powerful, Jason has great feet. He has run in many a try for Exeter, ...