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  • Old Prop Steve - Lovely, Brutish And Shorte

    Lovely, Brutish And Short

    1st July 2013

    The website got a bit lively recently when the announcement of Jonny Bentley decamping to Kingsholm finally hit the airwaves. Opinions varied....

  • Old Prop Steve -Pomp and Circumstance

    Pomp and Circumstance

    17th June 2013

    Have you ever been to a rugby match recently and wondered when – if ever – it was actually going to start? I know I have. Firstly at any match worth its......

  • Old Prop Steve -Lions By Tooth And Claw

    Lions By Tooth And Claw

    9th June 2013

    I suppose we ought to be a thankful after it took a gaggle of expensive QC's and acres of inflammatory newsprint to decide that they couldn't clearly decide.......

  • Old Prop Steve - A Decade Of Championship Rugby

    A Decade Of Championship Rugby

    6th March 2012

    A Decade Of Championship Rugby. Nevertheless it only seems like last week when the Pirates were clinching promotion at a jubilant and sun-kissed ......

  • Old Prop Steve - Justified Criticism?

    Justified Criticism?

    12th December 2012

    There was an interesting debate on the unofficial website a couple of weeks ago regarding the degree to which supporters should voice their disappointment....

  • A-Z Of 80

    A-Z Of 80 Leading Pirates Players Of The Past Decade

    A series running through the summer of 2012 looks back at the leading playersof the past decade

  • Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    07th December 2011

    Remember 'The Rosebud'. Then all six stood on up the tiny deck, puffed out their chests and belted out that old hymn we all remember from our days at school….

  • Gendall’s Men

    Gendall’s Men

    07th December 2011

    As the Pirates forge onwards and upwards, one thing which all longstanding supporters can agree upon is how much better the Mennaye Field looks these days.

  • Gordon Bosworth

    Gordon Bosworth

    16th November 2011

    Getting To The Root Of Medical Problems With Gordon Bosworth


  • Medical Team

    Medical Team

    26th October 2011

    Tending the wounded and getting the boys back on the pitch